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Welcome to the records! Are you looking for a relaxing yin yoga class, a strengthening athletic flow, a yoga unit for opening your hips or exercises to keep your shoulders supple?

Numerous yoga classes are available to you here - and there are always a few new ones.

And that's how it works:

All recordings are fixed in the timetable and have their own day and start time - after booking, the link will be emailed to you around 40 minutes before the set time. The link will then remain active for at least two weeks.

Directly to the SportsNow timetable:

Here are a few more tips for a good success:

Take your time for your recording. Find a cozy oasis of well-being for it. Light a candle. Play some relaxing music. Dress comfortably. Prepare a blanket for the final Savasana relaxation.

A fragrance oil ...

Maybe you can think of something to make yourself feel good ...



Athleticflow Release # 13 - Level III

Release # 13 with the Monkey Move and the Tuck Kick Jump - perfect if you want to improve your handstand skills. The demanding Krieger III flow at the beginning, gentle flows in the middle and bridge or bike before the final relaxation Savasana.



Tratak & Flow Yoga with shoulder mobilization

A varied yoga unit with a focus on shoulder mobility,

Yoga flows that promote your balance and beneficial twists.

After the Savasana we close the lesson with a treatise - meditation with concentration on one point - the candle flame.

You need: candle & yoga belt or scarf.



Rotationen für eine bewegliche und stabile Mitte

Drehungen und Twists für eine gesunde und bewegliche Wirbelsäule. Ein etwas längere Yoga Stunde zum sich danach rundum Wohlfühlen zu können. 

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