Spring yoga course 8x

Thursdays 18.15-19.15

Online & Outdoor Luzern Allmend

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Yoga for climbers

Targeted exercises for shoulder mobilization and strength building, trunk stability, hip mobility, balance, as well as exercises to compensate for muscular imbalances for a consciously healthy posture in everyday life.


Sheilina & Elina


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Fr/Sa 27 - 28 Januar 2023

Fr/Sa 10 -11 März 2023

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Schneeschuhtour & Yoga Retreat

Geniesse mit uns zwei wunderbare Wintertage im idyllischen Kraftort rund um Maria Rickenbach in Nidwalden. Schöpfe Kraft und Energie beim Yoga und Schneeeschuhwandern in dieser wunderbaren Landschaft. 


Marina & Sheilina 


Samstag 06. Mai / 10-13 Uhr

Ort: Bramajani Studio Kriens/ Luzern 

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Acro Yoga Lunar & Soundhealing Workshop

Wir kombinieren sanfte Acroyoga Lunar Übungen mit den wohlwollenden Klängen von Klangschalen. Unter Anleitung lernst du einfache entspannende Acroyoga Lunar Positionen. Dank der Kombination von Yoga, Partneryoga und Klangschalen kannst du Verspannungen lösen. 


Acroyoga Lunar & Soundhealing

Jannine & Sheilina


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Ort: Luzern 

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Acro Flashmob Luzern 

Bist du dabei?!? 

Wir suchen noch Teilnehmer für den Acro Flashmob in Luzern im Sommer 2022! 

Bei Interesse melde dich gerne direkt bei mir: Sheilina 079 792 11 82

Flashmob 2022

Acro Community Luzern

Acroyoga-Sitzung im Freien

Thursday (public holiday) / Friday

03/04 June 2021

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Yoga & Acroyoga Retreat Maria Rickenbach

Refuel - take a deep breath - activate

Finding attention in nature and time for you in the idyllic place of power in Nidwalden.

Pamper yourself with yoga, activate and revitalize yourself with acroyoga in nature and relax with yin yoga, yoga nidra and fine dining in the pilgrims' house.


Sheilina & Elina

Yoga und Meditation in der Natur

Friday May 28th 2021 / 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Maria Rickenbach

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Yoga special

Pranayama, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

An all-round relaxation package with pranayama (breathing exercise) to settle in, Yin Yoga with gentle meditative stretches and the wonderful mental and physical relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra.

Sonnen-Energie tanken



Samstag 26. November 

Bruchstrasse 10, Luzern / 4. Stock

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Sei dabei bei diesem All-Level Acroyoga-Workshop, bei dem wir auf einen von uns kreierten Flow hinarbeiten werden! Es erwarten dich Gleichgewichtsübungen, Core Work und goofy Positionen, sowie, im besten Acroyoga Montreal Stil, Raum für Kreativität, in dem du deine eigenen Ausdrucksformen verschiedener Posen und Bewegungen kreieren kannst. 


Sheilina & Xavi

Acroyoga Flamingo_edited.jpg

Saturday May 29th 21 / 13.00-14.30

Saturday June 12th 21 / 13.00-14.30

Outdoor Allmend / Yogashala, Lucerne

Experience a journey into the wonderful world of yoga animals and partner acrobatics together with your child / god child.


Sheilina & Aruna

Slow Yoga Sheilina

Spring yoga course 8x

Wednesday 9.15-10.15

Online & Outdoor Stans

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Yoga stans

A gentle and refreshing start to the day with meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), sun salutations, yoga flows, yin positions and a beneficial savasana at the end of the class.

Sheilina Portrait



Team & group events on request

Paddling & Yoga

Enjoy a paddling tour with us in the beautiful Lake Lucerne, followed by outdoor yoga with a view of the lake.


Marina & Sheilina  

Schwangere Frau von Birch

Outdoor postnatal yoga with baby

Inseliquai, Lucerne

Time 10.45-11.30

BeMom Outdoor

Exercise in the fresh air and the combination of yoga and running is ideal pelvic floor training. Babies and toddlers are welcome in the carrier system or in the stroller.




Spring course 8x

Tuesday 18.15-19.15

Online & Outdoor Luzern Allmend

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Athleticflow Lucerne

The perfect combination of athletic (high intensity interval training / HIIT) and yoga flows alternating. A workout where you can get your pulse racing, so that you can stretch and stretch again in the yoga flow.



Sheilina & Elina am Mountain Moves

Thursday 7.30pm-9pm  

Outdoor Allmend Lucerne

Acro Basic Workshop:

May 29th & June 12th / 10.15-11.45

Acroyoga Lucerne

Acroyoga workshop

We work with the basic positions of AcroYoga. Suitable for beginners and everyone who is interested in strengthening and expanding their skills as a base, flyer & spotter.

Schulterstand Variation mit Sheilina & Elina

Sheilina, Elina & Lena

Sonnengruss auf dem Musenalpgrat

Thu / Fri 20.-21. May 2021 (hiking yoga)

Fri / Sat 9-10 July 2021 (hiking yoga)

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Hiking & Yoga Retreat

Enjoy varied summer and winter days with us in the idyllic place of power around Maria Rickenbach in Nidwalden. Draw strength and energy from yoga and hiking in this wonderful landscape.


Marina & Sheilina  


New dates in 2021

Ayurveda days 2021

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Ayurveda. Ayurveda-inspired yoga, theory blocks, shared meals and a cooking class including recipes await you.


Kathrin Seidl & Sheilina  


13.-15./18. July Maria Rickenbach CH

July 30th - June 1st / 6th August, Schangnau CH

10.-12. Sept. 2021 Tipihof Yoga Holidays DE

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Parent-Child Yoga Holidays &

Yoga camp close to nature

Parent-child yoga holidays with yoga for adults, parent-child yoga and shared nature experiences.


Sheilina, Pamina & Claudia Josephine