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The perfect combination of two worlds.

Alternating high intensity training (HIIT) & yoga flows.

Athleticflow - winter course 7x from January 19th 21st

Tuesday 18.00-19.00

online livestream - conveniently from home

Athleticflow is a combination of Athletic (High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT) and Yoga flows alternately. A workout where you can get your pulse racing, so that you can stretch and stretch again in the yoga flow.

A holistic training for legs, upper body, whole body balance and core strength. The process remains the same for a few weeks - so that you can also improve on the different levels / options.

You can register directly via SportNow:

Find the studio "Shyoga" and choose your lesson in the live timetable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. / +41 79 792 11 82

More about Athleticflow:

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