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Ayurveda Tage

Ayurveda days with Kathrin Seidl

Basic Ayurveda (theory / cooking course)

Friday November 27th 2020

Time: 14.30-19.30

Location: Stansstaderstrasse 26, 6370 Stans

"Mental Dosha" Ayurveda day (yoga / theory / cooking course)

Saturday November 28, 2020

Time: 8.45-18.15


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Ayurveda and experience this thousand-year-old teaching of life with all your senses. Ayurveda day alternates between theoretical and practical units. The focus is on the immediate application of what has been learned in order to get into feeling and experiencing. We are approaching this all-encompassing science on different levels.

Bodywork Ayurveda day: morning yoga and relaxing yin yoga / yoga nidra in the evening
Theory: Ayurvedic nutrition, determination of the basic types, diagnostics
Cooking course: spice theory, recipes, kitchen pharmacy.

An all-round package that explores Ayurveda on various levels and enables you to experience it. Between the units there will be enough space for cozy getting to know each other, exchanges, questions and digestive work of all kinds (physical, mental, emotional). At the end of the Ayurveda days you can determine your basic type physically and mentally, assign dysbalances and diseases and take appropriate countermeasures, adjust your diet according to type and season, go balanced and healthy through the year, prepare Ayurvedic meals. Handouts and recipes will be given. The ingredients of the dishes are preferably from regional and organic cultivation.

Ayurveda basic day
The basic day is dedicated to the basic knowledge of Ayurveda (the 5 elements and 3 dosha), the basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and the mental dosha balance.
Ayurveda is based on living in harmony with nature, one's own and those around us. Proper nutrition plays a major role in this and we can thereby significantly influence our well-being and our mood.
In this course you will learn the basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition theory and practice. You will learn to live again in harmony with the natural rhythms of your body and the seasons, so that you can get through the whole year strengthened and healthy.
At the same time we explore our own nature on this day, the quality of our mental dosha balance. We want to invite more peace and acceptance into our lives.

No previous knowledge required.

Date: Friday August 27th
Time: 2.30 p.m. - approx 7.30 p.m.

Costs for a single day: CHF 150 reduced / CHF 180 regular price
Location: Shyoga, Stansstaderstrasse 26, 6370 Stans (Switzerland)

Limited number of participants (max. 5-8 participants)

Ayurveda Basic Physical Types
On this day we dealt in detail with the determination of the basic physical types, the Ayurvedic diagnostics and in depth with the Ayurvedic nutritional theory.
You will learn how to determine your physical dosha balance and how to determine whether you are in balance. Based on this, we explore which measures (diet, lifestyle changes, etc.) are available to us to restore balance.
Ayurveda is based on restoring or maintaining physical and mental balance. In this way we avoid illness and have a long and healthy life.
This course equips you with the knowledge to take your health into your own hands and to bring more balance and vitality into everyday life in a natural way.
Participation in the “Ayurveda Basis” course or basic knowledge of Ayurveda is a recommended prerequisite for participating in this course.

The days can be visited individually, but we recommend participating over the entire weekend in order to gain a holistic picture of this valuable science.

Date: New dates in 2021

Time: 8.45am - 6.15pm

Location: Shyoga - Stansstaderstrasse 26, 6370 Stans / Switzerland

Weekend package costs: CHF 360 reduced / CHF 400 regular price

Costs for a single day: CHF 190 reduced / CHF 220 regular price

Limited number of participants (max. 5 - 7 participants)

Ayurveda Mental Dosha

Date: Saturday November 28, 2020

Time: 8.45am - 6.15pm

Location: Shyoga - Stansstaderstrasse 26, 6370 Stans / Switzerland

Costs for a single day: CHF 190.00 reduced (Early Bird until September 3) / CHF 220.00 regular

Participants: 5-7 people

For more information about Ayurveda, send an email to

Information about the organization:

We look forward to you!!!
Kathrin - sattva & Sheilina - shyoga

Day program

8.45 Welcome & morning yoga

10.00 Ayurvedic breakfast

11.00 Theory block 1

12.30 Cooking course including food

15.00 theory block 2

16.30 Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra

6 p.m. Closing tea

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Terms and Conditions - General Terms and Conditions

Registration & payment

Registration can be made in writing, electronically or by telephone. With the registration, the "General Terms and Conditions" become part of the contract between the participants and Shyoga Sheilina Durrer & Sattva Kathrin Seidl. After receiving the registration, the participants will be sent a written confirmation with detailed information. Booked offers must be paid for at least 30 days prior to implementation. If the registration takes place at short notice, the amount must be paid immediately.


Insurance & cancellation insurance

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. It is recommended to take out cancellation insurance.


Resignation by the participant

Cancellation costs for extra & daily offers:

Cancellation 30-21 days before the start of the offer: 50% of the total price

Cancellation 20-11 days before the start of the offer: 75% of the total price

Cancellation 10-0 days before the start of the offer: 100% of the total price

A substitute participant can be called up at any time (already registered participants are not entitled to substitute participants).

In any case, a processing fee of CHF 50 will be charged. If the participant breaks off the tour or the course, there is no entitlement to a refund.


Cancellation by the organizer

Shyoga & Sattva reserves the right to cancel the event at least five days before the start of the event due to a lack of participants. If Shyoga & Sattva cancels the event, the full price will be refunded. Further claims are excluded.


Minimum number of participants

An event can also be carried out with fewer participants as planned. The prerequisite for this is that the registered people agree to an additional charge.


Protection of personal data

Your personal data will only be used for offers from Sattva and Shyoga and will not be passed on to third parties who are not involved.


Image rights

The participants declare their consent to the use of the image material created during the event by the provider.

If pictures of participants are not to be used for marketing purposes or if a participant does not want to appear in pictures, he must notify this at the beginning of the event.



The services included in the price vary depending on the offer. These are listed in the tender / offer of the offer.


Conditions of participation

The provider must be informed when registering / before the event if there are any relevant health impairments, illnesses or allergies.


Liability, compensation for damages

A residual risk cannot be ruled out with yoga. The liability of Shyoga Sheilina Durrer and Sattva Kathrin Seidl is excluded for slight negligence, the fault of the participants, third-party fault or force majeure. By registering, participants waive any claims for damages or liability against the provider.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The contractual agreement is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Stans.

6370 Stans, June 2019

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