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Sheilina Janis Durrer

Yoga, Acro & Handstand Teacher
Boulder & Climbing Coach

"Born to move - born to be connected"

Tel / Twint: +41 79 792 11 82 

Raiffeisenbank Region Stans

CH87 8080 8007 2953 5272 7

Sheilina Portrait


Sheilina Durrer is a trainer for movement, wellbeing and connection - the connection to yourself, to your surroundings and to others. She discovered yoga at the same time she started climbing and since then has deepened her knowledge of the art of movement to stay healthy, maintain mobility and strength, and enjoy being with attention in the present moment.
She enjoys the playful aspects of yoga and acroyoga, relaxing while climbing, walking meditations in nature and the soothing, calming practice of yoga nidra and yin yoga. Her strengthening, inspiring and calming teaching style is influenced by several yoga lines, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Acroyoga, Yin and Yoga Nidra, functional yoga for climbers, yoga therapy, parent-child yoga and fitness / hiit training like Athleticflow.
Sheilina looks forward to getting in touch with you at the Airex Academy and other online platforms such as Instagram and FB, at workshops, retreats and in nature.

Hello, nice that you are visiting my website. I am looking forward to getting in contact with you.


Education and training

2021 Yoga therapy with Dr. Peter Poeckh - in training

2020 Yoga Nidra - physical, mental and spiritual relaxation technique, Kathrin Seidl, Austria

2020 Conscious Touch, deeply relaxing Thai Therapy Massage at Navina, Iris Bühler, DE / CA

2020 Athleticflow Teacher Training with Nora and Simon Kersten, Switzerland

2020 BeMom & PreMom, pregnancy and postnatal yoga at Valeria Almarales, Switzerland

2019 Acro Yoga Montréal Teacher Training, Bergamo, Italy, 100h with Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais

2018 Hatha-Vinyasa RYS 200h, Earth Yoga Vilage, Palolem, India Yoga philosophy, ethics, practice & lifestyle with Anand Garg and Alex Franklin

History of Yoga with Alex Franklin and Sabine Steernaerts Adjustments, Aligments, Methodology & Teaching with Sabine Steernaerts, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra Singing and Yin Yoga with Alex Franklin, Yoga Anatomy and Pregnancy Yoga with Sun

2018 Yoga for children and families Teacher Training RCYS 27h, Rainbow Yoga, London, children, family, partner and acro yoga at Iewa Wildlovebeamer

2018 Yin Yoga Teacher Training RYS 35h, Basel, lesson planning and practice, anatomy, methodology

2017 Bachelor of Arts in cultural studies, University of Lucerne, focus on history and cultural management

Climbing and bouldering instructor since 2013, Kriens / Root, teaching children's bouldering, children's birthdays, creative weeks in Lucerne / Horw / Kriens, training as a sport climbing manager at J&S

2003 training as a forest play group leader, Huttwil

2002 apprenticeship as playgroup leader, Basel

Workshops / Conference / Festivals:

Cacao ceremony, Valeria Almarales, Aarau 2020

Talia Sutra, The Backbending Method, Zurich 2019

Swiss Yoga Conference, Zurich, May 2019

AcroYoga Montréal with Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Lucerne, December 2018/2019

Swiss Acro Yoga Festival, Schönried 2018/2019

Floor and aerial acrobatics with Sina Niklaus, Zirkus Knopf Zurich, February 2019

Kathrin Seidl, Ayurveda Days Basic & Advanced, Stans 2018/2019

Advanced Partner Acrobatics Workshop with Fons Bennik

Circus Tortellini, Lucerne, November 2018 / November 2019

Acroyoga Montreal, Shape Shifting, Heidi Blais & Jill Campbell, Luzern 2018

Andrea Tresch, Cantienica Yoga, workshop for climbers, 2017

Angela Bruderer, Pure Form, shoulder workshop, 2017

Rene Winiger, YogaSarnen, Hanuman Workshop, Sarnen, 2016

Own yoga practice at ...

Cate Spinnler, Acro-Yoga, Vinyasa, Yinyoga, Thai massage, Lucerne

Karin Udovardi, Vinyasa, Lucerne

Andrea Tresch, Cantienica Yoga,

Angela Bruderer, Cantienica, fascia training

Claudia Zimmermann, Tha Yoga, Stans / Lucerne

Emma Skyllbäck, Vinyasa, Lucerne

Dagmar Fromherz, Somayoga, Lucerne

Bryan Portmann, Oceanbliss Yoga, Lucerne

Shaktini Yoga, Lucerne / Stans

Margret Pfeiffer, Iengar Yoga, Lucerne

Marisa Käppeli, Root

Yin & Yang Yoga, Kalymnos with Rea

Yoga, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Silvana Sicilia, Lucerne

Isabel Furrer, Lucerne

Acro Yoga Jam, Lucerne

Tom Arta, Lucerne

Andrea Habermacher, Hatha Yoga, Lucerne

Handstand training, Cate Spinnler

Acroyoga Montreal Workshop

Vinyasa Flow, Pineapple Studio London

Kathrin Seidl, Ayurveda, India

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