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YOGA from me to you

Winter morning yoga class

Wednesday 09.00-10.00

Start January 14, 2021 with online livestream

Registration via SportsNow


A gentle and refreshing start to the day with meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), sun salutations, yoga flows, yin positions and a beneficial savasana at the end of the class.

Yoga from me to you is a fusion of different yoga styles, there are influences from traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, therapeutic massage, yoga for climbers, handstand training and athletic flow. Together this results in a refreshing, invigorating and soothing yoga that combines creativity with functionality and tradition.

Good to have:

Comfortable clothing, a yoga mat or carpet, a blanket, pad or books to sit on and support.

(Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, belts & FeetUps can be picked up in Stans)

I'm happy for you,


By asking: / 079 792 11 82

Registration via SportsNow:

-Search on SportsNow (app or website) the studio Shyoga (free app and registration)

-Choose your lesson.

-Choose the right course.

- Install Zoom via the app on your smartphone / tablet or computer

- 30 minutes before the start you will receive the link and the password for the live stream via email.

- If you have not received the link or would like to install and test Zoom beforehand, please contact me.

I am happy to support you with your online yoga.

After the lockdown you are also very welcome as a participant in person! The lessons take place at Stansstaderstrasse 26 in Stans or in dry weather in Stansstad or Buochs ​​am See .

Weekend: Friday July 30th / Saturday July 31st / Sunday August 1st 2021

Retreat week: Friday July 30th - Friday August 6th 2021

F a m i l i e n Yoga Camp

Mill Schangnau Emmental CH

Spend a wonderful and caring parent-child and family time at the cozy mill in Schangnau in the Emmental.

We treat ourselves daily to culinary delicacies, relaxing yoga lessons with Hatha-Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and a Mindful Family Workshop with mindfulness impulses. Meanwhile, your child can enjoy an all-round experience of nature with children's yoga and supervised free play.

Culinary delights and specials await us such as a Thai yoga massage, an August 1st fire, a yoga dance party and a cocoa ceremony.

We spend the night in our own tent or camper at the picturesque mill in Schangnau between stream and meadow.

What you need for yoga:

Comfortable clothing (including pajamas), a yoga mat or carpet

Soft toy and a blanket.


I switched on the zoom live stream 10 minutes earlier to give you time to get set up, say hello or draw a yoga card for you.

Registration on SportsNow:

- Register on SportsNow (computer or app)

- Search the yoga studio "Shyoga"

- Choose your "parent-child yoga" and a suitable subscription.

- Soon afterwards you will be sent a link by email to zoom on your tablet or

Set up computer.

-Click on the live stream link at the start time - from there you get to a waiting room and shortly afterwards you will be invited by me to the class & off you go with the family yoga motley!

* As an individual, each person needs their own login to SportsNow

And here are a few more suggestions to make it work:

It is nice when I can greet you all by name. At Zoom you can rename your name as soon as you have been taken from the waiting room.

After the greeting and the common sun salutation, I mute your audio - this way you can hear my voice better, especially if there is a lot of background noise at home or the connection “clicks”.

I am always looking forward to your comments and ideas at the beginning and at the end of the lesson!

Set up zoom:

With a link that you receive by email or WhatsApp, you can register with Zoom before your first live streaming. You will be automatically prompted to download when you click on the participation link. Zoom works on all devices, on the laptop as well as on the smartphone, tablet or iPad. At the start time, click on the live stream link and off you go with family yoga at home! Contact me if the link doesn't work and I will try to support you and will send you a new link.

Included in the subscription:

- 45 minutes of live broadcast time (including 30 minutes of yoga)

- Monthly calendar as pdf to print out

- Pippi Longstocking Sun Salutation as a pdf to print out

In addition to the 5 x / 10 x or weekly subscription:

- One sticker per child and yoga class by post

- A coloring picture by post

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