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F a m i l i e n Yoga Camp

Mill Schangnau Emmental CH

Acroyoga ist eine Kombination aus Akrobatik, Yoga und Partnerübungen. Wir trainieren Körperspannung und Balance, machen uns vertraut mit Umkehrhaltungen wie Schulterstand und Handstand, und üben uns in Achtsamkeit mit uns und anderen.

Ein Training in dem du deine Spielfreude entdecken wirst!

Acroyoga - in balance with each other 


Acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga and partner exercises. We train body tension and balance, familiarize ourselves with reverse postures such as shoulderstand and handstand, coordinate breathing and movement and practice mindfulness with ourselves and others. A training session in which you will discover your joy in playing.

AcroYoga Basic / Open Level at the Sinnlicht Areal, Industriestrasse 15, Lucerne

We work with the basic positions of AcroYoga. Suitable for beginners and everyone who is interested in strengthening and expanding their skills as a base and flyer. You can expect warm-up training, partner exercises for strength and body tension, balance and endurance, acro flows, washing machines, techniques and a cool down inspired by Thai yoga / massage therapy.

Thursday June 10th / June 17th / June 24th / July 1st 2021 / Time: 7.30pm-9pm

Acroyoga beginners workshops Saturday / Outdoor - Swissporarena / Athletics Stadium Allmend Lucerne

Acroyoga- you wanted to try that for a long time? You have come to the right place at the workshop for beginners. We look forward to introducing you to the exciting sport. Flying, bases and mocking - you will also be familiar with the new terms after the introductory course and you can practice a simple flow with your partner or friends.

Saturday June 12, 2020 /   Time: 10.15-11.45

Parent-child Acroyoga - Yogashala, Grendelstrasse 15, Lucerne / 1st floor

An acroyoga journey into the wonderful world of the yoga animals. We playfully familiarize ourselves with partner exercises, figures from acrobatics, balance exercises, Thai yoga therapy, meditation journeys and breathing exercises.


Saturday June 12, 2020 /   Time: 13.00-14.30

PartnerYoga and acrobatics for teenagers and young adults from 12 years - courses on request from 5 people

With elements from acro yoga, partner yoga and handstand training.

Do you enjoy moving and do you like to try new things? Build trust in yourself and others, to train body tension, balance and much more? The exercises demand your full attention in the moment. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to put everything else aside for a moment, air your head and find new energy in movement and creativity.

Prices: 5x 60 min course block for schoolchildren 90.- in Stans or Lucerne

Where & how: Shyoga Lucerne

Registration / questions: / 079 792 11 82 or directly via SportsNow / Shyoga

Take with you: comfortable clothes, yoga mat, water bottle

No previous knowledge necessary!

Corona situation * we train in fixed groups of 2 to 4. If you can already come as a couple, this is ideal, but also works well as an individual.

Prices adults

Early summer acroyoga course 4x | Start June 10, 2021

Single person CHF 120

Acro pair CHF 230

Student / reduced 20% on request

Single lesson (90min)

Single person CHF 35

Acro pair CHF 65

Student / reduced CHF 28

Open Acroyoga Jam / Training Jam

Jam CHF 10.00

Parent-child acroyoga 90 min:

2 people 45 CHF

3 people 65 CHF

4+ people 80 CHF

Parent-child acroyoga course 3x90min

2 people 3x for 120 CHF

3 people 3x for 180 CHF

4+ people 3x for 225 CHF

Elina Lukkarinen, Sheilina Durrer and Lena Krütli are happy to train acroyoga with you as "Acrolina".

"Being 'in the moment' and in balance with another person is the essence of AcroYoga" Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku, Founders of Acro Yoga


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