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KUNTERBUNT family yoga - online live stream

Move through an exciting yoga story together with Pippi Longstocking.

What you need for yoga:

Comfortable clothing (including pajamas), a yoga mat or carpet

Soft toy and a blanket.


I switched on the zoom live stream 15 minutes earlier to give you time to get set up, say hello, read a little from Astrid Lindgren's Pippi book or draw a yoga card for you.

Registration on SportsNow:

- Register on SportsNow (computer or app)

- Search the yoga studio "Shyoga"

- Select your "KUNTERBUNT family yoga" class and a suitable subscription.

- Soon afterwards you will be sent a link by email to zoom on your tablet or

Set up computer.

-Click on the live stream link at the start time & let's go with the Kunterbunt family yoga!

Subscriptions for family yoga motley:

1 x individual 10 .- *

1 x family 15.- **

Weekly subscription family (7 days unlimited) CHF 50.-

5 x family yoga CHF 70.-

10 x family yoga CHF 120.-

* As an individual, each person needs their own login to SportsNow

** As a family, only one person needs to register per yoga class, unlimited number of participants

Included in the subscription:

- 45 minutes of live broadcast time (including 30 minutes of yoga)

- Monthly calendar as pdf to print out

- Pippi Longstocking Sun Salutation as a pdf to print out

In addition to the 5 x / 10 x or weekly subscription:

- One sticker per child and yoga class by post

- A coloring picture by post

And here are a few more suggestions to make it work:

It is nice when I can greet you all by name. Therefore, when you take part for the first time, write to me in WhatsAppChat ( +41 79 792 11 82 ) or by email ( ) who and when you will be there. Gladly with your family name and all your first names and the age of the children (e.g. family Durrer-Schweizer with Sheilina, Martin, Amael 20 and Rian 16).

After the greeting and the common sun salutation, you mute your audio - this way you can hear my explanations better, especially if there is a lot of background noise at home or the connection “clicks”.

If you have any questions, switch it on again at any time and at the end. I'm always looking forward to your comments and ideas!

Set up zoom:

With a link that you receive by email or WhatsApp, you can register with Zoom before your first live streaming. You will be automatically prompted to download when you click on the participation link. Zoom works on all devices, on the laptop as well as on the smartphone, tablet or iPad. At the start time, click on the live stream link and off you go with family yoga at home! Contact me if the link doesn't work and I will try to support you and will send you a new link.

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